Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Picture

I didn't take very many pictures when we were up in Connecticut for Thanksgiving, but here is a picture of John, Alisa, Bill and I that came out pretty well.

Friday, November 17, 2006

So...what are you going to do now?

That's all I have been hearing lately: what are you going to do now? Since we lost the election I am out of a job for the first time since college. I was so blessed to land in this office, I started here only a few weeks after graduation and only 2 days after my honeymoon ended. It is hard for me to think of starting the process over--a new office, new boss, new coworkers, etc. It will certainly be a hard adjustment. There are a lot of different options I have been weighing in my mind, discussing with people, and praying about. Do I stay on the hill, try to find something closer to home, does this change the timing of our leaving Washington, DC? Part of me wants to just be in denial and not even think about it!

I have been getting some great suggestions from friends and coworkers, and am certainly open to more ideas!

But for now...the answer is I don't know!