Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fifteen weeks pregnant--have been feeling the baby move for a little while now. The very first time was on my birthday, three little nudges. It is pretty early to be feeling movement, so they are still few and far between. Just yesterday I had my hand in the right place and felt the kick from the outside as well as the inside. :) I am looking forward to when I can feel this little guy consistently--I hope this baby is as active as Aubrey was. Well, maybe minus the kicking in the ribs part.

I have a dr. appointment next week and then I guess I will be able to schedule the big ultrasound! It seems to be dragging really slowly, I really just want to find out the gender now! Everybody thinks that this one is a boy. Interestingly, all my friends who are having babies next year who know what they are having are having boys. When I was pregnant with Aubrey almost every single one of my friends who had a baby the same year as I did had a girl (that is at least six girls!) So maybe this will be the year of the boy...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Election Day

We voted for the first time in our new town yesterday. I love election days--they had tents out front, one for the GOP and one for the Dems. Under and around each tent milled people, greeting candidates, eating from the bounty of food that was provided, chatting and debating. It made me wish I was out there under that tent, providing info for the voters, just like I was three years ago in PA. This was such an encouraging election this time around, as opposed to the last two. In Virginia and New Jersey the GOP gained the governorship--people are starting to wake up. It has only been a year since BO took office, but we knew it wouldn't be too long before people started regretting that vote! We still don't have results in for our small town election here, things move at a slower pace. Maybe that's what I need to volunteer to help with next year--reporting results in a timely manner!

This was Aubrey's fourth election--the first one when I was pregnant with her, one when she was three months old, one year old, and this last one. The funniest one was the presidential one last year, we had to wait in line for hours to vote and Bill and I took turns chasing her around the gymnasium where we were and waiting in line. She kept picking up sample ballots and handing them to people. This time around she was VERY excited about the "I voted" stickers that we got, telling people as we walked by, "look, I got a sicker! And mommy's got a sicker too!"