Thursday, July 01, 2010

Two Months Old

Evie is now two months old and getting to be such a big girl! She was 11 lbs 6 oz and 23 inches long on her dr. appointment on July 7th--right around the 50th percentile in both. Besides the reflux issues which we have learned to manage pretty well we have been blessed with a very good baby. Evie now gets up only once a night on average--she has even slept eight hours in one stretch twice now! She still can't sleep flat on her back, so for now she is still in our room in the special bassinet. We had Aubrey in the crib in her own room at 6 weeks, but I am not in a hurry this time. Maybe because I know how fast they grow up now! Her personality is very different than Aubrey's was, Evie is a much calmer baby. It looks like I won't be getting two drama queens, haha! She also is not a snuggler at all--she is all about the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Her happy personality shows through in all her smiles and coos: she gets especially happy when she sees her daddy. Bill gets home from work and it doesn't matter how cranky the two girls are, when they see him, they are happy as can be. He probably doesn't believe me when I tell him we had a bad day. It is so adorable that they are such daddy's girls--melts my heart when I see how much they love him. (and I only get a tiny bit jealous)

The Daddy's girls on Father's Day.