Monday, October 29, 2007

Three Months Old Today

Aubrey is three months old today, and how she has grown! She is now wearing six month size clothes and weighs over 13 lbs. New discoveries for her are laughing, sticking her tongue out (see picture below), and reaching out and grabbing things. Some of her favorite pastimes are laying on her back and kicking while hitting her giraffe toy and bouncing on Mommy or Daddy's lap. She gives big, happy, toothless grins especially in the morning or while being spoken to in a really high pitched voice. It is so cute when she recognises praise when she accomplishes something, like sitting up in the picture above. She is very proud of herself, especially when I say, "wow, look at you sitting up like a big girl!"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Aubrey's Dedication

I am trying to catch up on blogging while the baby is napping, so that is why this post is a bit late and out of order.

We dedicated Aubrey to the Lord on October 14th. My parents came down for the weekend--we had a nice visit with them and their doggies. :) Aubrey wore her great-great grandmother's 120 year-old (give or take a few years) christening gown, the same one that I was dedicated in 26 years ago. Aubrey behaved herself very well, allowing our pastor, Lon, to hold her for some of the time. We will always be able to look back on this day as an important landmark in Aubrey's life and will use it as a reminder of our need to be constantly striving to be the parents that God wants us to be.

October Afternoons

Fall is really slow in coming this year. It is still hitting 80 degrees every day, but at least the humidity has decreased. We enjoyed some time in the park this weekend, Bill and I always seem to end up in the parks when we have free time, especially in the fall. Now we are trying to pass on our love of the outdoors to our daughter. So far so good--Aubrey loves looking around when we are outside, up at trees blowing in the wind especially. We spread out a quilt under the trees and layed on our backs and looked up for a while, then we walked in the woods. So until winter comes (is the cold just around the corner?) we will be taking every advantage that we can of this unseasonably warm spell.

In other news, Bill is now approved to take the CPA exam, which he will be taking at the beginning of next year. He has started studying for the four parts of the exam, so it is back to the old routine of school after dinner and on Saturdays. At least it isn't for as long as a time this go-round provided he can pass the parts on the first try. Most people fail it the first time around, so we are trying not to get too hopeful. It is his goal to have his MBA and his CPA by the time he turns 30 so he has until next September--I think that is a goal he can definitely achieve.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Aubrey and Charlotte "playing"

Charlotte and Hayley came over for a visit today and we thought it would be fun to take a picture of Aubrey and Charlotte together. Aubrey was thinking what is this fuzzy stuff on top of your head that is tickling my cheek? Actually babies don't really pay attention to each other at all, you try to get them to look at each other or interact and they will gaze anywhere and everywhere else. Anyway, in the first picture Charlotte looks bigger compared to Aubrey than she is in real life because she was a bit closer to the camera. This second picture is a better comparison of size.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Aubrey tried out her Bumbo seat for the first time today. She had so much fun in it--instant smiles. She loves being able to sit up like a big person and was very proud of herself when she was. We still have to be careful when she is in it--her head control is a bit wobbley, but she is almost there.

And in both these pictures if you look closely you can see the dimple on her left cheek. So cute--I've always liked dimples.