Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am sitting here at the computer with the windows wide open enjoying the early spring weather. It is almost seventy degrees for the second day in a row and there is a nice breeze stirring all the trees outside. I am definitely going to miss the early warm weather of Virginia. Instead we are moving to a place that frequently has its last snow of the season in April. We will just have to embrace the fact we will have a lake to skate on and hills to sled down now. I am so not a winter person though. Oh well.

It has been really busy, as you can imagine, packing, cleaning, and organizing. It is interesting what you find when you go through the recesses of closets you haven't fully emptied since you moved in. Clothes from college, maybe even before, catalogues from 2004, nail polish colors that I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them, pictures from visits with friends you forgot you took. All this stuff slows me down, but don't worry, we have thrown away, sold, and donated a TON of stuff. We are moving to a house with so much more space, it is going to echo in there for a while.

We got really exciting news yesterday! John and Alisa are having a boy! One of the plusses of moving now is being up there for the latter part of the pregnancy (hello? babyshower!) and the newborn stage of the little guy. Thanks for waiting so we won't miss any of it (just kidding!).

Bill has next week off so that we can spend our time on packing and getting the house ready to rent. Yikes, though we have a lot to do. I get overwhelmed just thinking about it! I am sure it will be fine once I buckle down and really work hard on it, but for now it all seems a little daunting.